15 Signs You’re a CHOA Mom

When a child is born, so is a mother. And when a child is sick or injured, mother becomes both who you are and what you do, every moment of every day. From our emergency departments to our bone marrow transplant unit to our chapels and gardens, our hospitals are the home away from home for some of the most intuitive, passionate and dedicated moms on the planet. If any of the 15 statements below ring true for you, there’s a good chance you’re one of them!

1. Your other car is a red wagon.


2. Your jewelry tells a story.

I.D. Badges
3. You have your own definition of “milestone,” whether it’s a first solo breath off of a ventilator, first full feeding without an NG tube, final round of antibiotics or first day of remission.

Lex Milestone

4. You’ve been here, done this.


5. You actually have access to a silence button. 

Silence Button

6. You’ve had a front-row seat to more concerts than you can count but have not a single ticket stub to show for it.


7. You’re so fluent in medical jargon that people often mistake your M.O.M. credentials for an M.D.

NICU Conversation

8. From balloon animals made out of medical gloves to I.V. pole rides, you know how to turn just another day at the hospital into an adventure.

I.V. Pole Ride

9. You own an item of clothing featuring this dynamic duo.

Hope and Will

10. You know a dog that can perform “tricks” more powerful than sit, shake or lay down.

Ethan and Allis

11. You can pack an overnight bag with your child’s favorite things in less time than it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song.


12. You know that blood pressure cuffs aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Arm Cuffs

13. Not only do you know what a child life specialist is, you know just how special they—and their therapy dolls, coloring sheets and bubbles—are to our patients.

Child Life

14. Your home is wherever her heart is.


15. You never take a single moment for granted.

Holding Hands

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