• NICU Photo Series Captures Mothers’ Healing Touch

    Moms-to-be spend months dreaming about their little ones’ first few weeks in the outside world—holding her for the first time, driving home from the hospital, introducing him to his carefully chosen nursery. For moms with babies in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), those dreams quickly give way to worrying about oxygen levels and watching heart rate ...

  • Message from Grieving Mom: Teach Your Kids Cars Are Not Play Areas

    It was August 22, 2010. My husband, sons, daughter and I started the day at church. As we were leaving the services, my 6-year-old daughter Sydney made sure to bring home the craft she’d been working on in Sunday school. As we finished up lunch at home in our kitchen, Sydney asked ...

  • An 8-Year-Old’s Open Letter to Social Workers


    For my fellow social workers: We are rarely acknowledged for our hard work and, at times, I think we all wonder if we make a difference. I talked a little to my daughter about this topic, and she wanted to write “the social workers” a thank you letter. She knows her ...

  • Going Bald: My Patients Don’t Have a Choice, But I Do


    Nine thousand. In the 23 years I’ve been a pediatric oncology nurse, that’s how many kids I’ve seen diagnosed with cancer. While every story is unique, the start of chemotherapy triggers a common chapter. They lose their hair. It’s a badge nobody wants to wear; a constant reminder of the battle at hand. In an ...

  • My Son Drowned: One Mom’s Pain and the Danger of Assuming

    I am a wife, the mother to five children: Cameron, now 21; Austin and Avery, now 19; Koraleigh, now 7; John Michael, forever 3; and grandmother to 7-month-old Kacelyn. Summer is the time of year when so many of our happiest family memories have been made. Unfortunately, it is also when our ...

  • 15 Signs You’re a CHOA Mom


    When a child is born, so is a mother. And when a child is sick or injured, mother becomes both who you are and what you do, every moment of every day. From our emergency departments to our bone marrow transplant unit to our chapels and gardens, our hospitals are the ...