Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  • The Super Dads Behind Our Super Kids

    Belle and Kyle

    Sky-high swing pushes. Classic rock Pandora stations. Parallel parking tips. There are many tricks in a father’s toolkit that can help you achieve “Cool Dad” status. But when a kid is stuck in the hospital for months, bound to a wheelchair or experiencing a type of pain you’ve been blessed to never know, something happens ...

  • 2014-2015 School Year Brings New Immunization Requirements for Georgia Seventh Graders

    A new school year comes with new school supplies, new bus routes, new friends and exposure to new germs. This year in Georgia, going back to school also means making sure students are up to date on their vaccines. New for the 2014-2015 school year, Georgia’s rising seventh graders and new ...

  • Raising a Child with Cystic Fibrosis

    In late 2012, my wife Brittany and I welcomed our daughter to our new family of four. We’d learned the ropes of newborn parenting with our son Hiatt, but we were about to be faced with a new challenge. We arrived home from the hospital with a sigh of relief after ...

  • 11 Photos that Prove Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Here at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we say we’re Dedicated to All Better. Most of the time that means we do things like heal broken bones, repair heart defects and oversee chemotherapy infusions. But every spring, that dedication manifests as an afternoon that makes fun its highest priority. Our kids ...

  • 15 Signs You’re a CHOA Mom


    When a child is born, so is a mother. And when a child is sick or injured, mother becomes both who you are and what you do, every moment of every day. From our emergency departments to our bone marrow transplant unit to our chapels and gardens, our hospitals are the ...

  • From Player to Patient: Football Star Advances Type 1 Diabetes Research

    Late in the 2013 football season for Buford High School.

    In my nearly 20 years of working at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I have taken care of countless patients and worked on hundreds of research studies. Every patient I’ve worked with and project I’ve worked on has been special. But some kids stand out in a crowd. Blake Ferguson is one ...