• 269 Seconds: Teacher Uses AED to Save Teen in Cardiac Arrest


    I am not a medical professional. I am a teacher. But on a fateful night in a school gym, I learned that one’s title does not affect one’s ability to help save a life. With three daughters who love volleyball and play year-round, I have attended more matches than I can count. There are things you ...

  • When an Ankle Becomes a Knee: My Daughter’s Cancer Journey

    A dedicated runner, soccer player and adventure seeker, our then 11-year-old daughter Grace became sidelined from the activities she loved in May 2014. Intensifying knee pain led us to a variety of medical professionals and, ultimately, a dislocated knee cap diagnosis. When physical therapy proved unsuccessful, we headed to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a biopsy ...

  • Oh the Places They’ll Go: Kids with Cancer Describe their Happy Places


    Puppies, unicorns with soft horns, walrus wizards—these are a few of the magical creatures that exist in the “happy places” of kids battling cancer. They are places full of promise, hope and joy. Not the wheelchairs, IVs and medications that exist in their daily lives. Everyone has a figurative happy place for when ...

  • Laura’s Scrapbook: Mother Recalls Daughter’s Journey as Pediatric Heart Transplant Pioneer

    My daughter Laura’s scrapbook begins with a page prepared by her heart transplant coordinator on July 16, 1988. Laura, at the age of 3, became the first pediatric heart transplant recipient at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and also the first pediatric heart transplant performed in Georgia. It was a big deal for ...

  • Anniversary in the PICU

    During morning rounds, staff at our Scottish Rite hospital learned that June 11, 2015, marked two milestones for the Rogers family: Turner, a muscular dystrophy patient, had been in the hospital for 21 days and his parents, Carey and Tammy, were celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. The devoted parents had cancelled dinner ...

  • Message from Grieving Mom: Teach Your Kids Cars Are Not Play Areas

    It was August 22, 2010. My husband, sons, daughter and I started the day at church. As we were leaving the services, my 6-year-old daughter Sydney made sure to bring home the craft she’d been working on in Sunday school. As we finished up lunch at home in our kitchen, Sydney asked ...