From the NICU to the Moon
  • From the NICU to the Moon

    Future Astronaut

    Nestled safely in their homes, babies often fall asleep to lullabies about twinkling stars and jumping sheep. In a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), babies fall asleep to steady beeps from monitors and whispered conversations between parents and caregivers. As a NICU nurse, I have the privilege of caring for babies who seem to spend most of ...

  • The Flu Virus and the Danger of What If

    Mom and Son

    When he was 6, my youngest son Nikolas told me that he wanted to be a paleontologist. It was a new word for me. I even had to go look it up! Nikolas was planning to be a builder of many things. Along with his love for math and science, ...

  • 10 Photos that Capture the Magic of Summer Camp


    Every summer, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta partners with Camp Twin Lakes to host camps for kids with special medical and physical needs. The camps give attendees— kids with heart defects, missing limbs, transplanted organs, seizure disorders, craniofacial conditions, autism—a chance to feel “normal,” even if just for a week or a weekend. As Camp Coordinator, I often ...

  • If a Children’s Hospital’s Walls Could Talk


    Dawn is a registered nurse in the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. To help her—and her fellow pediatric nurses—get through the toughest of days, Dawn wrote this poem while volunteering at a camp for children battling cancer. Most people think if the walls of a children’s hospital could ...

  • Childhood Cancer: Why I Wear Gold and You Should Too

    ME gold

    Until early April of this year, we were your typical suburban family of five. We had your everyday “problems,” but we were what most would consider very normal and happy. We were also oblivious to what was to come. As winter gave way to spring, my then 11-year-old,  Mary Elizabeth (Mary ...

  • 11 Photos that Prove Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Here at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we say we’re Dedicated to All Better. Most of the time that means we do things like heal broken bones, repair heart defects and oversee chemotherapy infusions. But every spring, that dedication manifests as an afternoon that makes fun its highest priority. Our kids ...