• Meet Hope and Will the Puppies

    Two Hopes and two Wills.

    As the manager of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s animal-assisted therapy program, people often ask me what makes our service dogs so good at what they do. How do they know to lay down just long enough? How are they always so calm and patient with our kids? How are some able to sense when a diabetic’s ...

  • 7 Reasons to Love Our Heart Kids


    As a pediatric cardiologist, I see children who are far too young to have broken hearts. At the Children’s Sibley Heart Center, we repair holes, reset irregular beats and replace broken pieces. Often on hearts as small as a strawberry. But there is one thing about a child’s heart that we rarely ...

  • From Player to Patient: Football Star Advances Type 1 Diabetes Research

    Late in the 2013 football season for Buford High School.

    In my nearly 20 years of working at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I have taken care of countless patients and worked on hundreds of research studies. Every patient I’ve worked with and project I’ve worked on has been special. But some kids stand out in a crowd. Blake Ferguson is one ...

  • Heroes without Headlines: Pediatric Nurses


    Their stories don’t make headlines, and you rarely see them on the nightly news. But hundreds of heroes walk in and out of hospital doors every day. They’re called pediatric nurses. Beyond their lifesaving clinical work, pediatric nurses are unofficially tasked with helping sick kids still be kids. Sometimes that means wearing a ...

  • I’m a Bone Marrow Donor

    John and Julia

    I am currently 12 years old and in the seventh grade. I love animals, riding horses, doing creative activities and hanging out with friends. I am also an older sister to John, Will and Matthew. I watch over them in all kinds of ways, but not just in the ways ...

  • FBI Agent for a Day

    “I want to protect and serve my country as an FBI agent.” I was driving to work when I heard those words come through my radio. I had been listening to the Care-a-Thon, a fundraiser for the Aflac Cancer Center, when a soft-spoken, 12-year-old girl named Mary began talking about her fight ...